Heritage Homes of Omaha is located in Springfield, NE, right on Highway 50 with a Heritage model show home. I build throughout Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. I design homes, clinics, banks, offices and schools and build them with the Heritage Modular building system. I handle your complete project, from staking the site, to the final porches and driveways for a turn-key project, or sell you the modular to be installed on your basement if you decide to do your own site work.
Building with me is the most efficient way to build because I combine the designing and pricing at the same time to get you a custom design and the right price. I can commit to a detailed, itemized firm price before even the plans are finalized, so you know exactly what you get and exactly what the final cost will be.
My method is to work closely with you to get all the details planned and the right price first, and then make it happen using the Heritage Building System. You can subcontract for the site work, such as dirt work, foundation, HVAC, plumbing, building the garage, and concrete flatwork yourself or I can manage this work for you while Heritage Homes builds the home. Generally it will be 60 to 90 days after finalizing your order before the modular will be delivered. Our company will schedule a crane to set the home and do the modular connections and finish work on the modular in a few weeks.
I will make sure you get what was promised, every time, and appreciate when you refer us to your friends and neighbors. That’s how we operate our business and end up with friends that were once customers.
-Roger Harvey



Roger is the kind of person you will like working with and can trust to design and build your home. He has been doing an outstanding job building custom homes since 2003. I think you will agree, it's not only the product you sell, but the way you do business with people that differentiates an outstanding company from an average company.
I can recommend Roger without reservation. He is excellent at helping folks choose the right home to fit their property and lifestyle, and making sure their home is on budget with the custom features they want and expect without cost overruns. There is no sense in not getting every detail right, and no sense in working with someone you don't feel can get the job done for you.
-Rod Tompkins, President
Heritage Home of Nebraska, Inc.

Design Sessions

Using scale drawings you can mark up and price out a design that is just right with the right size and features. Being able to price out a home and the many different features quickly and easily is one of the big benefits of the Heritage Building System. Once the design, features, and cost are decided upon, you are ready to order the plans. Heritage Homes of Nebraska will draw preliminary plans per our order. You will then have plans for the bank and to review and to mark up with final details and/or changes. We take your proposed final plan and your revisions as submitted and draw a full set of Architectural Plans and recommended foundation plans for building purposes.

Residential Construction

After finalizing your plans, your home is scheduled for construction. Materials are ordered and it is generally about four to five weeks before fabrication begins and another five to six weeks before the modular sections are transported to your home building site and installed on the foundation. During this time, we will have the foundation built, and will be getting underground utilities in and electrical service to the job site. Your home will be built in two or more modular sections in a matter of weeks. You are welcome to visit your home in the factory anytime.

We will schedule delivery as soon as possible after your home is completed in the factory and the site is ready. Everything happens very quickly up to this stage, and now the garage needs to be built, the site and basement utilities completed, the heating system installed and the concrete and yard work done. The interior finish between the modular sections, such as carpet seams, center wall doors and jambs, drywall and paint touch up, will be completed at this time. When the home is nearing completion, it is time to do a walk-through and closing with us! We will provide you with complete details of your new home warranty. The rest is up to you to enjoy!

Commercial Projects

With Heritage of Omaha and Heritage of Nebraska’s 40 years of proven expertise in nearly every type of commercial construction allows us to perform the majority of your project ourselves. We will control each phase of the building process including design, site selection and overall construction management, so you don’t have to.